Opinion Post. SHINee comeback teaser umm…..

I like many fans was excited to see SHINee teasers on the web today. However the teaser image and fans excited responses had me feeling like I was in the Twilight zone.  Needless to say I am not too impressed…


shinee teaser2

First the positive. The title The Story of Light is beautiful and fits in well with SHINee’s name meaning. That being said I’m not sure what the overall design has to do with the theme of light. With its primary color themes and basic shapes this teaser image comes off looking pretty juvenile. Some say they may be going for a 80s theme perhaps due to the “retro-ish” word processor type font, the “3d” render of the circles and the grid background….. but not really. For SHINee’s 10th anniversary (which is a big deal) I was honestly expecting much better.

For example

shinee day

I know this is for an event but it is a beautiful creative image that would make a great teaser. It emphasizes SHINee’s expansive discography with its central image of a spiral made up of the handwritten( which gives it a more personal feel) titles of all their (Korean) songs to date. To add color to the simple image is the title of the event in SHINee’s “pearl aqua”. Even if primary colors are essential to the theme of the teasers and comeback I feel it could be executed better.

Also, I might be worried about nothing as sometimes the initial teasers have nothing to do with the release. I will have to wait and see if it improves fingers crossed.



Top 5 SHINee Dance Move gifs pt.1

Top 5 SHINee Dance Move gifs part 1

Replay mv

The music video that introduced SHINee to the world, literally (thanks to youtube). We were able to see SHINee’s well synchronized moves that have now become iconic in their own right.

Below are my top 5 dance move gifs from SHINee’s replay!

Let’s begin

#1  “The pop up”

#2 The Toe and swing move

#3 Power Rangers transform!

#4 Starburst

#5 Glittery hood slide




Which Replay dance gif is your favorite?


p.s.  mine is #2 Toe and swing move. When I first saw this mv back in ’08 I said this move must be made into a gif!


Stay tuned for Part 2!


Rewind!!! 3rd Anniversary of Jonghyun’s solo Debut “Base”


On this day three years ago the world was introduced to the musical and lyrical stylings of SHINee’s lead vocalist. The rest is history.

Below in order my favorite tracks from his debut album.


The first song on my list is not the main promoted track (like usual). Deja-Boo with its warm electronica infused neo soul vibe combined with Jonghyun’s unusual voice this song to be embodies the look and sound of the album. To me it has become (and now always will be) Jonghyun’s leitmotif.



The next two tracks continue the neo soul/chill vibe going.



While both the song and the music video were well produced I wasn’t completely feeling the promoted track from the EP. However  Crazy over time eventually grew on me.

This ends my extremely short and simple review.





His legacy continues ………

You did well

Its been a while since I’ve posted a review or video here and its unfortunate that this latest post is about such a solemn subject. This post is tentative and subject to be edited and changed but for now I just wanted to post how I feel..


I was completely taken aback when I looked at my phone (which was on youtube) and saw the news. In a moment of shock I thought I misread or it was some type of error or maybe even a hoax. But then who would make up such a thing? In my moment of utter disbelief  I kept thinking how could this happen? I had just (no kidding) just watched a couple of his and SHINee’s videos the night before. Then I thought back to his performance of Let me out I had seen last week and it dawned on me.

I must admit I was a little worried.  I’ve always been a really stickler for lyrics. No matter the genre I always zero in on the lyrics, to me its truly what makes a song, what gives it it’s soul and what usually touches you when you hear it. The lyrics to “Let me out” were profound and very telling and I was left saying wow I truly hope he his ok. Then I remembered he wrote the song Elevator and that was a couple of years ago.

I still haunts me, if these lyrics don’t sound like a serious cry for help I’m not sure what does.


This was the song that had cast Jonghyun in a different light to me. It was a total foil to the usually cheerful, energetic/passionate image he portrayed. A deeply personal song  that lifted the shroud that covered his inner pain. This song has haunted me way before these recent events( the last line..). Though he seemed to pull through. I thought hopefully that writing and performing/sharing these songs was a outlet for him to deal with his pain.

As a fan I felt uncomfortable and concerned for him again upon listening to his more recent songs filled with fatalistic and self deprecating lyrics, but I felt really what could I as a fan truly do? That would be up to his friends, family, colleagues and producers. I am just an insignificant cog in the machine not to mention I don’t speak his language and live in a totally different country. I expressed this sentiment to someone and they warmly (in short) told me “You never know if you just may be the one to make the difference in someone’s life and/or circumstance.” So the lesson I learned and others should as well in this is to say something if you think something is wrong even if you think it doesn’t matter or wont be taken seriously because we never know.

The sad fact is he is gone and as a artist he had more to give and share with the world and influence it. By doing this he ended a possible future that could have been and the world is worst off for it.

Though his legacy will live on………..

A few(of many) Jonghyun and SHINee songs


Always liked this song even though I thought it was kinda wrong ( and semi- blasphemous) LOL




This was one of the videos I had watched the night before the news.




and of course…….


Watch This! The New Edition Story

A you a big fan of Boy bands? K-pop? Pop in general?  Have you heard of New Edition? If not you should. Considered the trailblazers of the modern boy band  New Edition was founded in 1978 in Boston, MA. Unfortunately like many pioneers they are often forgotten and the credit given to those who became more “successful” in their wake.

Their former manager Maurice Starr went on to create another boy band comprised of members of the caucasian persuasion named New Kids on The Block who became a huge success and the face of the boy band  in the U.S.and around the world.

All you K-pop and boy band fans should watch this movie to get a little history.


Check Out the New Edition Story Jan 24th on BET!

How do you think New Edition influenced the pop and K-pop world?