SHINee Memory #2

While cleaning my room I came upon my vast collection of pins. Amongst the many pins some with emblazoned clever slogans, anime & video characters, band logos, pictures, etc…  when I came upon a pin I received as a prize way back in 2009….you guessed it a SHINee pin. I’m surprised I still had it after all these years.


While at a anime convention back in ’09 I decided to go a K-pop panel to meet some k-pop fans, watch kpop videos and have some non anime fun.  I ended up being one of the winners of the contest and was able to select a prize! Unfortunately after the panel ended the other winners rushed the prize table claiming the “best items” leaving a lonely pin behind. The young woman behind the table smiled and sweetly said “Well you can have a SHINee pin!” I gladly accepted the pin even though SHINee was not well known as were only about a year old (because as you read in my previous SHINee memory I liked them).

As you see I still have that pin! Just to think no one wanted this pin 9 years ago and look how far they have come and well known they are now after 10 years! I’m glad to have a piece of memorabilia before they were famous.

If I were to go to the table now I can guarantee a SHINee  pin would not be left behind!


shinee pin in book


Do you have a favorite item of SHINee?


p.s. Is there anyone who was there for this K-pop panel at Nekocon in 09?



SHINee Memories #1



What is your first memory of SHINee? Read my (long) answer below.Tell me yours in the comments!

I can pretty much remember back in ’08 sitting in the back room my bro playing  video games behind me while I would multi-task on the desktop. By multi -task that meant typing stories, reading emails and watching videos on youtube lol.

Somehow I came across SHINee and said in my mind hmm “Shiny? Whelp why not?” I was always on the lookout for new music so I clicked the thumbnail and the rest is history.

I was struck by how young they looked and the “cuteness” of the overall video which usually isn’t my style. As a fan of rock music (among many other genres) I fell in like with kpop back in the late 90’s with groups like H.O.T. and Shinhwa, Sechkies, TVXQ to name a few ,which was definitely still pop though with rock and visual kei elements added. However, their vocals sounded pretty strong for a rookie group, I loved the toe and swing move (dance move gif #2) and the melody just had the perfect feel of nostalgia and melancholy. After a few weeks of hearing the song play in my head, I decided to buy the mp3 from iTunes to learn I couldn’t find it (kpop was as popular back then).After much digging I finally found the album in hangul.

What is your first memory of SHINee?


Top 5 SHINee Dance Move gifs pt.1

Top 5 SHINee Dance Move gifs part 1

Replay mv

The music video that introduced SHINee to the world, literally (thanks to youtube). We were able to see SHINee’s well synchronized moves that have now become iconic in their own right.

Below are my top 5 dance move gifs from SHINee’s replay!

Let’s begin

#1  “The pop up”

#2 The Toe and swing move

#3 Power Rangers transform!

#4 Starburst

#5 Glittery hood slide




Which Replay dance gif is your favorite?


p.s.  mine is #2 Toe and swing move. When I first saw this mv back in ’08 I said this move must be made into a gif!


Stay tuned for Part 2!


SHINee Month!

Here at J.R.’s Musical Adventure the entire month of May will be deemed “SHINee Month” in celebration of SHINee‘s 10th anniversary.

You can expect a month full of SHINee content such as album reviews, memories, Gifs, top ten lists and more…..

Stay tuned!

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Married to the Music (Repost)

I’ve noticed quite a few people have been visiting this blog lately to read an older post. SHINee’s Married to the music to be specific. So I decided to repost it here so that it will be easier to view and read.


SHINee( formed in 2008) is one of k-pop’s most famous and well know boy bands. Shinee is well known for their vocals and dances and their broad and ever broadening range of musical genres they incorporate in their discography. Shinee’s last Korean album Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me was released in 2013 leaving a two year gap of no Korean releases. When their next album Odd was released on May of this year it was met with much fanfare. This review will be for the repackaged version of this album entitled Married to the Music which features four unreleased songs. This review is for these four songs.

A little SHINee music video history


shinee married2

Married to the Music brings a genuine retro vibe to the summer music line up. The bass in the beginning is very reminiscent of Another one bites the dust which is misleading, as the song progresses it takes on a funky disco sound. Overall the song is most definitely Michael Jackson inspired (this song would fit in on his Off the Wall album) the influence is especially strong in the chorus which has a Baby be mine flavor. Retro (or retro influenced) songs have always been popular in the summer so giving its distinct sound and catchy chorus this single will be a good fit for a summer success.

Michael Jackson – Baby be mine

The Music Video
From the teaser images one can see that SHINee was going with a retro horror/camp theme with the Rocky Horror Picture Show type font used for the title. The overall feel of the photos reminded me of Little Shop of Horrors, Beetlejuice and for some reason The Addams Family lol. So did the video fit the feel of the photo teasers? YES. The video opens with a black and white scene and one may think wow this is really vintage but once the video starts it is in color and despite all the bizarre horror elements there is an actual storyline. To make it short the young men show up for a party that was far from what they expected as they lose parts of themselves (in humorous horror fashion) to the party’s hostess who uses them in the end to make a perfect man. While that may seem bizarre (or disturbing) to some this video is done very humorously and in light while watching this video I remembered two other horror themed pop music videos besides the most famous which is Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Rockwell’s Someone’s Watching Me and Robbie Williams Rock DJ.


Rockwell -Somebody’s Watching Me


Robbie Williams- Rock DJ

Shinee keeps it retro but moves it up a few decades to the 90’s (yes the 90’s is now officially retro) with Savior which is a funky dance/house track. The most standout aspect of this song for me is the chorus.
Shinee continues the 90s theme but cools it down with Hold you. The very beginning reminds me (a bit more chiptunish) of the 90s R&B single Can we talk by Tevin Campbell or more so the cover of the same song by JUNE. The music has a 90s R&B vibe like the aforementioned Tevin Campbell , Al.B Sure or Bobby Brown. The music sounds like it could have been a song that was recorded in the 90s one could totally hear the previously mentioned artists or even New Edition sing over this track. Shinee uses quite a lot of English on this track and it is done pretty well Key(?) seems to be channeling Drake in his rap in the beginning and adds a bit of edge to the laid back vibe of the song. Though the entire group sounds fantastic in this song Onew’s voice is the standout. Of all the new tracks Hold You is the track that showcases Shinee the best you can hear the voices much clearer without the music over taking them. I’m surprised that this song wasn’t released as the single from the repackaged album.

Tevin Campbell- Can we talk



June- Can we talk (unfortunately was not able to find this video anymore.. which was the best example for Hold you)
The last new track on Married to the music is written and composed by Shinee’s very own songwriter Jonghyun entitled Chocolate. Chocolate opens with a funky chiptunish melody and English phrases such as “how’d you like that” and” I just want to put the record straight once and for all” which was a bit odd at the beginning but it improves as the song continues. Surprisingly this is another track Shinee shines on (no pun intended). The chorus is almost fully in English and once again Shinee did a great job.
In all, the new tracks kept the theme of summer music evocative of the late 70’s to the 90’s which makes it an impressive concept album. As with ODD I can see Married to the Music the repackaged album (as well as the single) becoming another summer success.