Hide 20th Memorial

In 1998 the (J) Rock world lost a superstar. His legacy still lives on even 20 years later!

As a Jrock and visual kei fan there is no way one could not know about the impact and legacy Hide and X-Japan left on the rock world (in japan as well as abroad) and society.

It’s fantastic that his fandom never let his music and impact fade away after all these years…..

Hideto Matsumoto

Hideto Matsumoto

 December 13, 1964-May 2, 1998



hide- Eyes love you

hide- Hi ho live

hide- Tell Me

Wish I could find the Pink Spider PV no luck, but here’s Rocket Dive PV




Top 5 SHINee Dance Move gifs pt.1

Top 5 SHINee Dance Move gifs part 1

Replay mv

The music video that introduced SHINee to the world, literally (thanks to youtube). We were able to see SHINee’s well synchronized moves that have now become iconic in their own right.

Below are my top 5 dance move gifs from SHINee’s replay!

Let’s begin

#1  “The pop up”

#2 The Toe and swing move

#3 Power Rangers transform!

#4 Starburst

#5 Glittery hood slide




Which Replay dance gif is your favorite?


p.s.  mine is #2 Toe and swing move. When I first saw this mv back in ’08 I said this move must be made into a gif!


Stay tuned for Part 2!


SHINee Month!

Here at J.R.’s Musical Adventure the entire month of May will be deemed “SHINee Month” in celebration of SHINee‘s 10th anniversary.

You can expect a month full of SHINee content such as album reviews, memories, Gifs, top ten lists and more…..

Stay tuned!

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Summer Chill VGM Zone act 1

Music has the power to bring back memories and evoke emotions. Video game music to me has the very same effect.

Despite the wintry weather I’ve been ready for spring for quite a while. So for this chilly snowy, rainy  April  I will tap into the trove of laid back summer inspired melodies to bring the feelings and memories of summers past. This list consists of mostly low tempo relaxing music not full on summer, like spring a slight sedge way  into the bright energy of summer.

The following tracks are not in any particular order (by game or year).

Let’s begin!

Sonic the hedgehog and summer VGM go hand and hand especially the older games think “retro Sonic” games Sonic through Sonic 3d blast. Sonic adventure and beyond took sonic music in a totally different (not necessarily bad) direction. With sonic mania Sonic returned to his retro styled tunes.


Sonic Mania- Press Garden, Blossom Haze

This cool tinged smooth jazzy track is like a cool breeze on a hot day.

Sonic Mania -Stardust Speedway

This smooth remake of the original  stage from Sonic CD continues the laid back vibe perfect for driving.

grandia 2

Grandia II was a bastion of beautiful music. I remember being surprised that the game came with a soundtrack cd (they must’ve knew the music was that good lol) 

Grandia 2- Inn town Ageel

This song was always a hit with non- VGM listeners. Sounds like summer!

F-Zero  – Sand Ocean

The classic! With its unusual melody and hypnotic quality this is one of my favorite stage themes of all time. I was highly disappointed that they did not provide a remix for the next F-zero..(but they did a remix of Big Blue).


Knuckles Chaotix-Midnight Greenhouse

Remember That super awesome game  Knuckles Chaotix? Me either! Just kidding! 😀 This obscure game had some seriously decent summer infused music.

and to further prove my point…

Knuckles Chaotix- Evening Star

Knuckles Chaotix- Seascape


This Dreamcast game had some great music especially the character themes.

Time Stalkers- Rails theme (field arrange)


Retro Sonic just represents VGM summer nostalgia. Sonic cd  Japanese version took the music up a notch with the chill factor.


Sonic CD-  Tidal tempest Present (JP/EU)

How does this not sound like total summer chill music?

Sonic CD- Crystal Quadrant Good Future(JP/EU)

We have come to the end of Summer Chill VGM Zone act 1.

Stay tuned for the next act! What are you’re favorite summer chill VGMs? Tell me in the comments!












Project Blue Moon

Project Blue Moon is an international charity project in which fans and can send in artwork (photos, prints, lyric art ) inspired by Jonghyun. All proceeds will go towards organizations that help with mental illness and suicide prevention.  For more information check them out here.

I decided to participate because I truly support this organization and their mission (and hard work). The artwork I have submitted is entitled  The Moon by J.R.

To help you can send in your own artwork, purchase artwork or donate.