Watch this! 20 Most Important Moments in K-pop History.

Finally! A youtube video that talks about K-pop before youtube!  Kpop goes way back before SHINee, Big Bang, 2NE1, Wonder Girls and TVXQ. Heck even before Shinhwa.

Glad to see a video acknowledge the ones who came before (and bring back memories) and see how the genre  has changed over time.


Top Ten underrated SHINee songs

Top Ten underrated SHINee songs.

When a album has a star track that’s a blazing hit sometimes other not so popular songs get left in the dark. These songs are just a good or sometimes even better than the title song but are allotted no such luck. Given a chance some of these songs could’ve been hits themselves and sometimes the songs are ahead of there time or “too creative” or “unsual”.

This list is our top ten underrated and unrecognized SHINee songs.

read to see the list!

Watch this… SHINee Our page live performances

One aspect I love about  live Korean music shows like music bank and M countdown is how they create a unique atmosphere using set, lighting and outfits  for a song. Its so interesting to see the different interpretations and themes the creators(set designers and stylists come up with for the same song.

I was surprised when it was announced that SHINee would be singing “Our Page” at music shows. Being such a personal meaningful song it could easily be mishandled with the set, the audience etc.  I had my worries alleviated as all of their lives (I’ve seen so far) carried the same aura of the video and the song.  Below are a few that really touched me.


Music Bank (watch on youtube)

I was wondered how shows would go about the intro without diminishing the intimate and personal feel of the song. Music Bank did a simple classy short intro reminiscent of the teaser. Very nice (could do without the canned cheering though).

Music core

With it’s blue stars and slivery bordered frames draped in a luminous cloth this stage unlike the others is invocative of night not winter which is a fitting theme. Plus Onew smiles when he looks upwards in this rendition.

 M Countdown

The globe lights and paper snowflakes give this stage a almost soft comforting winter feel.


While all of the lives were beautiful… I was awestruck when I saw just the thumbnail of it. The set was full of light and it changed constantly during the course of the song climaxing near the end,  with not just snow falling but the platform rising and the sparkling hanging lights descending from moves me every time I view it.

If I’m not mistaken these will be SHINee’s last lives for their comeback and I feel it is a meaningful and heartfelt way to end promotions. What do you think? Did a particular stage move you?



SHINee- “Our page” teaser

We’ve come to the last mv in the trio of releases. The teaser for the final title track named  “Our page- The words you left behind” .


The teaser gives off a somber and somewhat isolating mood despite this the melody while tinged with sadness sounds hopeful. It was said SHINee will be going back to their R&B roots with this album release. I hope the album musically is in the realms of Romeo+Juliet  the close #2 on the 10 Top Ten SHINee songs list.


With a beautiful and profound title “the words you left behind” what are  your expectations for the title track and album?

More to come!!!


Hello readers sorry for the lag in posts lately. Continuing with the theme of this month more SHINee content will be arriving soon (next week.) In the meanwhile if you haven’t yet check out some of the previous SHINee posts below.

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Stay Tuned!

SHINee Month Continues!

Since SHINee’s comeback continues in the month of June with ep.2 and ep3 for their  The Story of Light album.  J.R.’s Musical Adventure decided to extend SHINee month! So expect more SHINee content like SHINee dance gifs and SHINee list like Top ten SHINee songs, Top 5 SHINee concepts, SHINee memories and more!

Also don’t just lurk around comment! Share your opinions on the songs, dance gifs and share your own SHINee memories.

Top 5 SHINee Concepts

How fitting I post this list now after my strong opinions about SHINee’s latest teaser images.

To start I love concept albums particularly hard concept albums meaning an album that truly keeps the theme not only through images and the design of the packaging but also in the music videos and the tracks on the album.

Artists like David Bowie, Lupe Ficaso and Daft Punk have pulled this off well, in Kpop I would say Sechkies welcome to Sechkies land.

SHINee has done a decent job of picking unusual concepts and sticking to them ( like for odd they were unusual colored eye contacts even for SNL). So below I listed my top five SHINee concepts to date.


My to date favorite SHINee concept to date would be ……

shinee married2

Album:  Married to the Music

Song:  Married to the Music

Concept: Horror/Camp


SHINee everybody

Album: Everybody

Song: Everybody

Concept: Toy solider



shinee 90s

Album: 1 of 1

Song: 1 of 1

Concept: fake 90s/confused 80s



Album: Five

Song: Get the treasure

Concept: Heist/ freeze frame


shinee 3,2,1

Album: 3,2,1

Song: 3,2,1

Concept: comics, fun, Disney lol


What is you favorite SHINee concept?





Opinion Post. SHINee comeback teaser umm…..

I like many fans was excited to see SHINee teasers on the web today. However the teaser image and fans excited responses had me feeling like I was in the Twilight zone.  Needless to say I am not too impressed…


shinee teaser2

First the positive. The title The Story of Light is beautiful and fits in well with SHINee’s name meaning. That being said I’m not sure what the overall design has to do with the theme of light. With its primary color themes and basic shapes this teaser image comes off looking pretty juvenile. Some say they may be going for a 80s theme perhaps due to the “retro-ish” word processor type font, the “3d” render of the circles and the grid background….. but not really. For SHINee’s 10th anniversary (which is a big deal) I was honestly expecting much better.

For example

shinee day

I know this is for an event but it is a beautiful creative image that would make a great teaser. It emphasizes SHINee’s expansive discography with its central image of a spiral made up of the handwritten( which gives it a more personal feel) titles of all their (Korean) songs to date. To add color to the simple image is the title of the event in SHINee’s “pearl aqua”. Even if primary colors are essential to the theme of the teasers and comeback I feel it could be executed better.

Also, I might be worried about nothing as sometimes the initial teasers have nothing to do with the release. I will have to wait and see if it improves fingers crossed.