Watch This!! Wayv -Takeoff MV

The long awaited Takeoff music video has arrived! The members are in character  (from the teasers) and as usual on point with the dancing and fashion.

The MV is a bit brighter with more natural light than the teasers and a bit more color. As for the theme lots of “plane” hints throughout the takeoff sequence , wire models of airplanes, Wayv dancing in a airport garage (kidding), dancing in front of a plane, Xiaojun being a plane/human hybrid. There was however finally one shot of the airplane flying/taking off, sadly not them flying in it.

Plane theme aside “Takeoff” is a solid video and a great true debut video proving again that Wayv is a group to watch out for in the international music sphere. Here’s to much success for Wayv in the future!

You can purchase their debut album Takeoff on iTunes here!

Below is Wayv’s Global Press Conference in which they perform two songs Regular and Takeoff. Dancing and signing well in a music video is one thing as you can edit it, do multiple takes and whatnot. Performing live is a true testament to if a group can really sing live and dance well together at the same time.

First song is -“Regular”

9:58 for “Take off”

P.S. I like how they actually perform live in the same outfits that they wore in the MV, its like in a way bringing the mv to life.


It’s SHINee, VIXX and Wayv month @ J.R’s Musical Adventure

It’s May! As you already know May is the debut month of many groups notably SHINee who we featured last year. Its is also the debut month of another group VIXX! Whom we’ve followed since debut. Also WayV the Chinese counter part of NCT will release their debut mini album this month!

Below see who we’re featuring and check out some posts while we get ready for SHINee/ VIXX/ Wayv month!



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SHINee top ten songs

SHINee top ten underrated songs

and much more!!!



vixx blue

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A review of WayV’s teasers for their 1st release

A review of Wayv’s teasers for their first mini album “Takeoff

Quick review of Wayv’s Takeoff MV

Lets go back…. 2009 Ukiss- Back 2 Old School

These days the “90s” concept seems to be really big, especially in K-pop and J-pop. the most prominent examples being SHINee 1 of 1 , Exo -Love Me Right Japanese version (especially for the most commonly used 90s motifs). But what if I told you another kpop group tried this theme a decade ago? What in 2009? Really? Yes!

Ukiss’s second mini album Back 2 old School came onto the scene 2009 with their take on the 90s and it was very interesting to say the least.

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Watch this! Exo-Tempo MV

I’d must admit I was a bit skeptical of this comeback the theme…. supposedly  being motorcycles and with the title “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo” I was like ummm…. (Love Me Right anyone?) The anxiousness faded a little as I saw the individual teasers (everyone looked great!) however once I heard the music in the short film and again in the MV teaser I was so on edge to hear this single, it reminded me of  old 90’s R&B beats from back in the day!



I must admit I was pleasantly surprised when I watched Tempo in the morning it almost blew me away! This is the type of  song EXO was made to sing and dance to. The lives I’ve seen have been awesome too.


I do not get hyped for songs or groups that often but this single just impresses me. Stay tuned for a review of the album!



Top Ten underrated SHINee songs

Top Ten underrated SHINee songs.

When a album has a star track that’s a blazing hit sometimes other not so popular songs get left in the dark. These songs are just a good or sometimes even better than the title song but are allotted no such luck. Given a chance some of these songs could’ve been hits themselves and sometimes the songs are ahead of there time or “too creative” or “unsual”.

This list is our top ten underrated and unrecognized SHINee songs.

read to see the list!

More to come!!!


Hello readers sorry for the lag in posts lately. Continuing with the theme of this month more SHINee content will be arriving soon (next week.) In the meanwhile if you haven’t yet check out some of the previous SHINee posts below.

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Top 5 SHINee Concepts

How fitting I post this list now after my strong opinions about SHINee’s latest teaser images.

To start I love concept albums particularly hard concept albums meaning an album that truly keeps the theme not only through images and the design of the packaging but also in the music videos and the tracks on the album.

Artists like David Bowie, Lupe Ficaso and Daft Punk have pulled this off well, in Kpop I would say Sechkies welcome to Sechkies land.

SHINee has done a decent job of picking unusual concepts and sticking to them ( like for odd they were unusual colored eye contacts even for SNL). So below I listed my top five SHINee concepts to date.


My to date favorite SHINee concept to date would be ……

shinee married2

Album:  Married to the Music

Song:  Married to the Music

Concept: Horror/Camp


SHINee everybody

Album: Everybody

Song: Everybody

Concept: Toy solider



shinee 90s

Album: 1 of 1

Song: 1 of 1

Concept: fake 90s/confused 80s



Album: Five

Song: Get the treasure

Concept: Heist/ freeze frame


shinee 3,2,1

Album: 3,2,1

Song: 3,2,1

Concept: comics, fun, Disney lol


What is you favorite SHINee concept?





Top Ten SHINee songs

SHINee who is celebrating their 10th anniversary this month has been probably one of the hardest working kpop groups in the last decade. There discography is extensive not even including their Japanese releases!

In honor of SHINee’s 10th anniversary J.R.’s Musical Adventure has created a list of their top ten SHINee songs which is no easy task as SHINee has released 11 albums! It wasn’t easy but I tried and here are the ten!

  1. Love like oxygen

While not the first SHINee video I saw with its euro music and melody it made me nostalgic which surprised me as the members of the group were so young themselves! Jonghyun’s Michael Jackson styled vocals and SHINee’s chair dancing sold me on the group. With this song and music video I just knew this group was going places!

2. Romeo+Juliet

This song is a close second as it is my all time favorite song of SHINee. The music, vocals (and stylization of vocals)and lyrics embodied what made me fall in love with kpop in the first place. Each member’s “role” vocally is showcased well (more so  than other songs from this era) and they invoke the sadness and  despair of the forlorn lyrics so well I am touched every time I hear it, even to this day 9 years later.

3. Odd Eye


This song sounded like no other song (in kpop). I love its beautifully smooth synth melody and the creative use of Jonghyun’s, Taemin’s and Onew’s “My eyes on yooou” in the chorus. A added bonus is the bridge reminds me of Pumpkin Hill (Sonic adventure). Even non kpop fans seem to be taken in by the hypnotic chorus! “hey what song is that with the guy going “oooo” in the chorus?” someone once asked me.

4. Replay

Especially now this song holds a special place in any SHINee fan’s heart. For most its the song that introduced the group to the world.  With lyrics many people can relate to (being in love/like with someone older than you and/or liking someone who does take you seriously.) To me its low tempo and catchy melody that wears off on you after a while Replay stood out amongst a lot of the other debuting artists in 2008 and is by far one of the best debut kpop songs ever. Replay is now a new classic.

5. One Minute Back

From the dramatic drumbeat layered with rhythmic breathing in the beginning I sensed One minute would be a fierce, enjoyable song. The whole vibe from the lyrics,  vocals to the music channels the intense feeling one may experience seeing their partner cheating on them with someone else. The change of lyrics in the end surprised me but goes to show how well the song kept to its theme.

6. Close The Door

This another song that was a little different than most kpop songs that were out at the time (2010’s). I was struck by its enchanting  electro-string melody making like a song that would play in a futuristic ballroom.  SHINee’s vocals shine brightly in the chorus which is a great feat in such a slow and delicate song. The lyrics also take the spotlight as well adding to the romantic atmosphere.

7. Password-(Japanese song)

One of the Japanese releases that really stood out was Password. Once again SHINee distinguishes itself from the bunch with a song not typically heard in kpop.  With 80s rock/pop flavor Password invokes bands like Duran Duran.  The lyrics with lines give me the password are even reminiscent of late 80s songs that often referenced computers and technology ( Automatic, Computer love). In the live version Jonghyun’s solo is just beautiful.

8. Hold You


This is the song I always dreamed SHINee would do. With it’s classic 80’s/90’s r&b sound it fits SHINee’s retro style to a t.

9. Symptoms

This song is one of the best SHINee songs done live. Like One minute the emotional intensity is conveyed through every aspect of the track from the lyrics, vocals and music. Like I stated above when performed they just hit it out of the park.


10. SHINee in The House

Clocking in at only one minute and a half this isn’t exactly a song … more of an intro, one that SHINee needed from the beginning! I first heard this awesome Intro watching my SHINee world 4 dvd. With its cute opening fooling the listeners and audience beginning with the melody and chorus from replay to then switch to some great harmonizing. Jonghyun, Onew and Taemin tell us to get ready for a great time because shinee is performing tonight and they’ll make us happy, love it. I kind of hoped they would open all their following concerts with this song but alas. Great anthem for a great group.


Well that’s it! For now, who knows with the new album coming out there may be some news songs on this list!

What about you? What are your favorite SHINee songs?







SHINee Month!

Here at J.R.’s Musical Adventure the entire month of May will be deemed “SHINee Month” in celebration of SHINee‘s 10th anniversary.

You can expect a month full of SHINee content such as album reviews, memories, Gifs, top ten lists and more…..

Stay tuned!

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