The Rampage -The Anthem boys from Exile Tribe

Welcome to the first post of my from the lost files… post I wrote but got lost or forgotten  in the drafts. This post may also be updated or changed.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now. Here’s a very late introduction to the newest (as of this moment) addition to the Exile Tribe , The Rampage. Long story short The Rampage is a mixed group consisting of three singers and 13 dancers.

I have been a fan of many of the groups in the Exile Tribe family namely Exile the second and J soul brothers or Exile the third.  Each of these groups include at least two vocalists and the rest are dancers. As of now The rampage are the newest addition to Exile tribe preceded by Exile Tribe’s Generations.


I will show ONE video for Exile the second and J Soul Brothers lol



Always loved this song…




Most epic MV ever, needs a post all to itself.
I am a fan of songs that do not focus or draw from the same overused theme…”Love”. I love anthem songs, theme songs. Growing up I was a huge fan of cartoon theme songs (that were good) like Prince Valiant , Pokemon and Tank Police, Jem and Sonic to name a few…(man I sound old lol).

So you get the idea of an anthem? Very few artists have made successful mainstream anthems such as Queen, Destiny’s Child, DMX, BoysIImen to name a few. The Rampage takes the whole anthem theme to another level, not only is there powerful energetic vocals with boastful and proud lyrics they added epic dancing to the mix.

The Rampage- Lighting


The Rampage-Frontiers


The Rampage – Dirty Disco



The Rampage- 100 Degrees

The Rampage- Dream Yell (could only find live version)


This song would make a great opening for a tv, anime or cartoon.


Not a anthem song or anime opening song but love the dancing.

The Rampage – Knocking Knocking


and now their newest single! (Now no longer there newest)