Yesterday I was disappointed with the teaser image of SHINee’s  for their new album  The Story of Light. I decided to write here  how I felt that the concept wasn’t well executed. Then in the last paragraph of my opinion post I told myself “wait this probably will not truly be how the concept will be handled and you would have worried for no reason. That is correct.

While I’m still not completely sold on the concept of light using primary colors and not roygbiv (the rainbow), the next round of teaser images have placated my fears.

While actual light is composed of the colors of the rainbow. In theater using color gels one can make white light by combining the three primary colors of red yellow and blue. In painting, combing these three colors will give you black.  So I was like why didn’t they use spotlights in their images for this concept then?!

The next day:


ok then……

The I felt use of the primary colors and basic shapes make it look juvenile

shinee teaser2

Not so much here…(I can now see some of the retro aspect , this reminds me of a movie poster)

or here…


not childish at all


So there you have it! I feel a little better about SHINee’s 10th Anniversary concept (for now).



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